Oil Filter

Lotus Oil Filter

Modern engine can be subjected to varieties of lode and stress during every day use the oil filter plays the central role in perfecting the engine it ensure optimum oil supply during cold starts with frequent restarts when traveling short distances, over lode and high speed on motor way.

The service life of combustion engine will be enhancing to the use of quality engine oil and filters as the oil circuit become contaminated by combustion residues, metal and other dirt partials. Its absolutely is essential to use reliable LOTUS Oil Filters to clean the oil.

LOTUS Filters Brand Products provides almost perfect particle separation and retain even the smallest particle of dust with the help of its stable pleat geometry has high dirt absorption capacity. There for use only LOTUS Oil Filters because only LOTUS Brand Products offers.

High efficient filter media
High resilient to lode
100% filtration efficiency
Optimum dirt capacity
Outstanding chemical resistant
Meet all engine manufacturers requirements
Robust housing and high quality seal

LOTUS Oil Filters works accurately and reliable following function in LOTUS Oil Filters meet the latest requirements of engine manufacturer.